Friday, January 18, 2008

TV "White Space" Device Testing To Begin In Jan 08

The space between the channels on your television is where the future of communication, wireless Internet, and even portable television lives

Wireless Innovation Alliance WIA today congratulated the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) on its commencement of TV 'white space' device testing, beginning on January 24, 2008

The spectrum used to broadcast TV through the airwaves is dramatically underutilized. This unused spectrum, known as "White Space", can be better harnessed to spur innovation and create new applications for consumers, students, and emergency personnel.

Harnessing the unused White Space holds the promise to extend affordable high-speed Internet access to all Americans, improve communication for emergency first responders, and empower tomorrow’s innovators.


Dean Collins said...

Isn't this the second round of testing?......something to do with the first round in 2006 (maybe early 2007)failed miserably and didn't work :)

Dean Collins

Scott P. Shaffer said...

Yes this is the second test.
The first test "failed" ...what happened is Microsoft's device was faulty. They (MSFT) notified the FCC and they agreed to retest using the working device.