Saturday, December 31, 2016

How To Fix Twitter..Free Speech Can Be Very Costly

  Take away anonymity and bullies lose their courage.

Blogger got it right. Facebook got it right, Twitter never did and still doesn't.

Blogs let owners decide whether comments would be posted.

Facebook gives users the ability to opt-in the people they want to comment/share info with. There is some control, some permission.

Twitter gives anyone the ability to deliver "drive by" trolling. There is no control and no consequences for doing so. Their new troll controls don't go far enough to prevent this.

There's a reason Twitter is toast and isn't even worth $10,  who wants to promote hate?

Twitter could be a very valuable platform, but right now it just enables incestuous hate without repercussions. Twitter gives anonymous people, cowards, a microphone to spew their hate.

How do you fix Twitter?

For starters..make people pay for it. Either per post or per hashtag, or just to have an account. Create different levels for different functions. this would go a long way to deterring this. 

Second, force users to publicly attach another form of ID to their Twitter account. Take away the anonymity. The payment method would do this as well.

Finally, some creative law firm should start soliciting troll targets. Go after these cretins with the threat of legal action. Getting threatened with legal action has a great way of deterring bad behavior.

If Twitter won't reveal the user, then go after Twitter for enabling the behavior.

Maybe it's time to set some kind of legal precedent for this online behavior.

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