Thursday, March 26, 2015

Oh Great ANOTHER App Store..Why Not One App Store For EVERY Device?

 Today Facebook announced the new Messenger platform, which will allow the service’s 600 million users to use a whole host of third-party apps and tools.

Instead of wrapping itself around your apps, it’s taking them over from the inside. By turning Messenger into a platform, Facebook is using its 600 million active users as a carrot to attract influential third-party developers, who will in turn create exciting apps that will keep those users inside the Facebook.

The problem? Each device and each service is requiring a user to go to different "stores" to get it.
Imagine if you had to download a certain browser to access a specific site. The Internet created disintermediation..and we are bringing it back?

Why should Amazon pay Apple a cut of their sales just because the traffic HAD to come from the Amazon app in iTunes?

A universal, one-stop app shop solves this problem. One website/service that lets a user download an app that will work on EVERY device (TV, iPad, Droid, car etc)..

This service will be able to virtualize EVERY app so that it can run on EVERY computing device.

Why create different versions of a program when you can create it once so that it runs on EVERY device, regardless of the OS.

There is an ideal solution Glassware 2.0

Any software application written in the last [30] years can be run via Glassware on any modern server and delivered to any device including chromebooks, tablets, phones, PCs and Macs.

The question is? Which player (Microsoft, Google, Apple, Amazon etc) sees the potential of this multi-billion dollar opportunity first?

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