Saturday, October 01, 2005

Physical World Connection Forehead?

GoldenPalace guys are creative, but they are missing a much bigger opportunity.

From CNN Woman tattoos Web address on forehead
Golden Palace girl
For $10,000, Kari Smith has gone ahead and had her forehead tattooed with the Web address of a gambling site.

I can't figure out who's making a bigger mistake, the girl or Golden Palace.

Here's what I would do. GoldenPalace pays 100 hot girls in bikinis $100 to walk around with a Golden Palace logo temporary tattoo on their chest or belly for the day in high traffic areas.

The first 1000 people that text the keyword or take a picture of that logo and send to a designated site, get free $100 at their site. The numbers for participants and free money can vary.
What you have just done is started a mobile marketing campaign and that will lead their GoldenPalace mobile site. You know gambling is coming to the mobile, why not start now?

I expect the guys at GoldenPalace to get creative when they see how big the mobile will play a role in their marketing.

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