Thursday, September 11, 2008

$100 Billion Renewable Energy Plan Could Create 2 Million Jobs

A report from the Center For American Progress outlines a $100 billion renewable energy plan that would create 2 million jobs.
Green Recovery Report

This $100 billion initiative is part of a comprehensive low-carbon energy strategy and could be paid for with proceeds from auctions of carbon permits under a greenhouse gas cap-and-trade program. This fiscal expansion would create 2 million jobs by investing in six energy efficiency and renewable energy strategies:

-Retrofitting buildings to improve energy efficiency
-Expanding mass transit and freight rail
-Constructing “smart” electrical grid transmission systems
-Wind power
-Solar power
-Next-generation biofuels

This economic recovery program combines the $100 billion fiscal stimulus with an additional credit stimulus—through a federal loan guarantee program to boost private-sector investment in energy efficiency and renewable energy.

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