Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Samsung Camera Phones To Be Pre-Loaded with Scanbuy’s 2D Barcode Application

A major win for ScanBuy to get Samsung to embed their mobile bar code reading application.

Scanbuy, a global leader in mobile marketing solutions, today announced that it has secured a global agreement with Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. to preload the ScanLife mobile 2D barcode application on Samsung’s camera phones.

Samsung will begin selling these phones in Spain, Italy, and Denmark starting as early as next month. Availability will quickly expand to other major markets including Mexico and the United States.

ScanLife technology uses camera phones to connect the physical world to the digital world. The application reads EZcodes and other major 2D barcode formats designed to quickly recognize and process information. Marketers and content providers use the ScanLife Code Management Platform ( to extend brand engagement onto mobile devices, while end users scan EZcodes to get information quickly and easily.

The ScanLife solution gives consumers and code publishers both national and international interoperability for the use of 2D codes.

Samsung is the second largest phone manufacturer in the world, and is expected to sell over 200 million handsets in 2008. Samsung’s extensive line of popular phones include the Blackjack, Glyde, and the recently released Instinct.

“The 2D barcode solution delivered by Scanbuy is a valuable technology, making phone navigation simpler and more effective for end users,” said Wonsik Lee, Vice President of R&D Planning Team, Samsung. “We are dedicated to continually improving our customers’ experience using Samsung mobiles, and the ScanLife application allows them to instantly access information anytime and anywhere.”

As part of the global agreement, Samsung will pre-load camera phones with the ScanLife application for each new country rolling-out Scanbuy’s complete solution.

Samsung will also use EZcodes to promote and market their extensive portfolio of consumer related electronics.


Anonymous said...

Good for Neomedia appears to be roadkill at this point...unless somebody like Nokia embeds NeoReader into its handsets. Doubt that will ever happen though.

Scott P. Shaffer said...

Doesn't Neomedia still have a body shop/paint business?

Anonymous said...

This is a great "reader redirect engine" that detects a mobile device and suggests the best 2D barcode reader:

Anonymous said...

Hey Scott,
Can you post on your blog that SCANBUY settled with neomedia and are paying upfront fees for infringing..
SO now what do you think...
STILL pondering..

S.P.S said...

After many months of bickering, billions of shares, several management changes, this dispute has finally been settled.
This is a great day for the physical world connection space.
I wish both ScanBuy and NeoMedia well in this exciting journey.