Friday, July 16, 2010

Product Placement In Social Networking Games..Google's Investment In Zynga Makes More Sense

Product placement within online games..a huge advertising opportunity.

Now we know why Google just sunk a bunch of money into Zynga.

What happens when your online activity encourages you to visit/purchase from a brick and mortar retailer?

FaceBook has your profile, they can provide relevant ads to you, but online games don't have that dynamic ability..or do they?

What if there was a way an online game could change ads based on the user?

The Internet has shifted a majority of commerce from brick and mortar stores to e-commerce powerhouses. That trend may be changing.

Zynga (and their wildly successful FarmVille) have teamed up with Cascadian Farm, a subsidiary of General Mills, to drive online game players to purchase organic fruit.

Next week, FarmVille will, for the first time, offer its pretend farmers a specific food brand. Players will be able to plant an organic blueberry crop from Cascadian Farm, a subsidiary of General Mills.

The objective is for FarmVille users to learn about organic farming and green living, and at the same time, earn additional points to grow fruits and vegetables or raise animals on their virtual farms. Cascadian Farm executives say they hope that the company can expand its food niche and make itself better known by increasing awareness among FarmVille’s audience

full story from IHT

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