Thursday, August 19, 2010

Internet Privacy...We Like To Call It "Digital Content Insurance"

Several major transformations are taking place on the Internet.

Individuals have always generated the majority of traffic on the Net, but now they are responsible for creating the majority of content on it as well. Applications on Internet enabled devices and social networking sites are enabling the ability to generate, publish AND share content with ease. The ease of creating and publishing pictures, emails, videos, Tweets, Facebook posts has a price, privacy.

You've heard the expression "Once it's on the Internet, it's there forever".

The ability to control ANY of your digital content AFTER you uploaded, emailed or published it will soon be in great demand.

The largest social networking site Facebook is under pressure for their lack of privacy and that's AFTER users agreed to their privacy policy. (story)

Flickr (largest photo sharing site) just starting offering members the ability to protect their images from being downloaded. Images can still be shared though.

Look at the controversy and security issues WikiLeaks has generated. (story)

As privacy concerns continue to increase, the ability to control your proprietary information and manage your digital rights will be in great demand.

Digital content insurance provides the ability to prevent forwarding/printing, COMPLETELY retracting, limit viewing times of ANY digital content that has ALREADY been published on the Net.

We believe "digital content insurance" and the ability to protect your proprietary information will be more valuable than any search engine or social networking site.

Just like other types of insurance (health, home, auto), you don't really appreciate it until you need to use it.

There are two very powerful transformations on the Internet; managing digital rights and the billions of advertising dollars generated from individual's content.

We discovered a company with proprietary technology that provides a new level of privacy and security for those who wish to protect their proprietary information and manage their digital rights.

Wall Street has yet to discover this company but a recent patent approval and a social networking site licensing deal won't keep it a secret much longer.

If you wish to receive our free report titled Digital Content Insurance, please email us with subject "DCI Report".

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