Friday, August 27, 2010

Google's Voice Calling Feature Inside Gmail..The Tipping Point For VOIP

google voice
Can you see the tipping point that just occurred with voip (voice over internet protocol)?

The voice calling feature inside of Gmail is like a trojan horse. So many people are using Gmail, and the idea of just clicking on a phone number inside your email, will allow Google to soon dominate the voice over Internet market.

I am imagining how Google will turn all Internet ads into hyperlinks to a url or phone numbers to be dialed.

When Google announced yesterday that Gmail Users Made 1 Million Calls in 24 Hours, I think Skype, and every major service provider, just realized the inevitable.

Gmail has over 175 million monthly users, and the new feature is basically a combination of two popular services Gmail Voice Chat and Google Voice.

The feature is not yet available to all U.S. Gmail users. It's quite simple to use, however--at the top of your chat bar there is a "call phone" option. Simply click on it and a number pad will appear, on which you can dial your desired number and place a phone call.

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