Monday, September 20, 2010

Facebook To Start Offering AdSense Program?

Well why shouldn't they?

AdSense is Google's advertising program. If you have a website or blog, and plug their ad format into your site, you get paid for clicks on those ads. Look at almost any website and you will see "ads by Google".

Google shares their advertising revenue with you.

While the ad revenue won't make you rich, they are at least sharing.

It's fair right?

You create the content (site/blog) and drive traffic to the site, shouldn't you get paid?

Here's what I see coming with Facebook and their greed, for lack of a better word.

Every time you post a message, picture, comment, "like" on Facebook, you are creating content. Depending on the number of friends in your network, you refer traffic to that content. See who places ads next to your content? Notice how relevant the ads are? Who do you think gets paid when someone clicks on an ad next to your content?..not you.

Facebook is generating BILLIONS of advertising revenue from YOUR content.

Think they will ever decide to share with members?

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