Tuesday, January 04, 2011

iRenew Bracelet And PowerBalance Bracelet..Want To Know The Secret?

 Before you buy one of these bracelets, read this:

I see more people wearing these "energizing" bracelets (iRenew and PowerBalance)

There is even an infomercial selling the iRenew bracelet. (by the way slapping the "i" in front was a great marketing idea).

Before you spend a dollar on one of these, understand how you're being tricked.

This trick has been around for years but a few clever people decided to take advantage of it with a bracelet.

The premise is that the hologram in the bracelet reacts with the body's natural energy to create a stronger balance. This will allow you to feel more energized.

(does this sound familiar?)
The salesman demonstrates the "magic" power the bracelet has by asking you to stand in VERY specific poses. He pulls on your arm when you don't have the bracelet and you fall over. He asks to put the bracelet in your pocket (you dont even have to touch the bracelet to get the powers), and he pulls on your arm and now you magically are able to resist his pull. YOU HAVE BALANCE!

Are you ready for the secret???

It's called "applied kinesiology" and it's been used by hustlers for years.

Here's how it works (notice they ALL use the same motions).

Secret to Applied Kinesiology (skip to 5:00 to see how it works)

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