Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Next Big Thing For Mobile Communications

The next big thing for mobile communications.

The explosion of data consuming smart phones are clogging the the cell tower traffic highway.

Wireless carriers can either put up more cell towers or buy more spectrum.

Cell towers have the NIMBY syndrome (not in my backyard). Buying spectrum only happens with infrequent government auctions and cost BILLIONS of dollars.

The two options take lots of money and time.

In the mean time wi-fi routers, otherwise known as wi-fi hotspots, are everywhere. Most consumers with a broadband connection have one and almost every airport, hotel, mall, stadium, coffee shop has one too.

When a wi-fi router is added to a broadband Internet connection, it becomes a wireless broadband “cell tower”.

In your town chances are there are more wi-fi routers on one block than Not only are there more of these “cell towers” but their speeds are much faster.

Why not utilize these existing high speed mini “cell towers”?

The easiest and most cost effective solution for wireless carriers to solve this upcoming bandwidth bottleneck is to enable a cellphone on their network to seamless switch to a wi-fi network when the signal is too weak or it becomes cost effective. Most cell phones are equipped with the necessary hardware to do this, the only thing missing is the software.

We found the company that has this patented solution and has already demonstrated this solution to numerous carriers.

They are currently in licensing talks with one major carrier.

Want to know the name of this company?

Send us an email with subject line “Wireless Wonder” and receive our free report on what we think could be the next big thing for mobile communications.

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Mobile technology is the latest field where more and more companies are finding new ways to provide their customers better services at very reasonable price.