Saturday, November 03, 2012

Stories I Found Of Interest (weekly)

    • Future devices embedded with ChromaID technology can read and record natural chromatic markers by structuring light onto a substance, through a liquid or gas, or off a surface. Once scanned, the technology captures the reflected light in a simple Photodiode and provides a unique ChromaID profile. The ChromaID profile can be matched against existing databases to identify, detect, or diagnosis markers invisible to the human eye.
    • Visualant Founder and CEO Ron Erickson believes ChromaID technology will usher in new angles to protect consumer products, currencies, pharmaceuticals, and a wide variety of products by bringing the power of spectral analysis from the lab and into the field. Erickson states, "Our technology adds another authentication layer to tools used by government and industrial entities who grapple with the identification and security challenges that impact our society at large.
    • The patented technology is disruptive, making it possible to effectively conduct analyses in the field that could only previously be performed by large and expensive lab--based tests.
    • Reader Harold Theurer reports a new disease, writing: “Obama is talking about the ‘big things’ like ‘Romnesia.’ Well, every time I think of four more years of him, I get Obamitosis, which is a really bad taste in my mouth.”

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