Saturday, December 15, 2012

Stories I Found Of Interest (weekly)

    • But the disruptive technology is not LNG. The disruptive technology converts natural gas to gasoline, diesel and jet fuel. Yes, it is possible to make gasoline from natural gas.
    • GTL may also work in the United States. Indiana-based Calumet Specialty Products Partners recently announced plans to build a 1,000 barrel per day GTL plant in Karnes City, PA
    • Natural gas has the potential to transform North America. If supplies of natural gas are as plentiful as experts suggest, energy independence is achievable. Not only can the nation become energy independent, it can export surplus natural gas and distillate products to other nations
    • Neah Power Systems, Inc. (OTCBB:NPWZ) announced today that The Boeing Company is exploring areas of collaboration to deploy our patented, award winning PowerChipTM technology to various distributed power sources on Boeing’s current and future airplane and ground systems
    • he current trend in the aircraft industry is the “More Electric Aircraft” (MEA), which focuses on replacing mechanical and hydraulic systems with electrical systems to accommodate ever increasing power requirements. In a letter to our company, a representative of Boeing Commercial Airplanes states “One of the key technologies that Boeing is evaluating for future airplanes are fuel cell systems used for the generation of airplane electrical power
    • We believe that Neah’s technology will help Boeing achieve the objective of greener airplanes in the future. The development of a fuel cell system meeting Boeing’s requirements is a crucial step toward proving the potential for successful deployment of this technology. Boeing would work with Neah on the prototypes for internal validation, developing and engineering the air-worthiness of the system, various certifications needed, and system integration with airplane and ground applications.”
    • Destiny Media Technologies Inc., in response to a lawsuit it faces from Richard Angus Bruce McDonald's Noramco Capital Corp., blames Noramco for an 11-year campaign to aggressively manipulate its stock downward. According to Destiny, Mr. McDonald took a naked short position in 2000 as he was negotiating a private placement with Destiny, and in the ensuing 11 years has continued to exert downward pressure on the stock
    • It then began an "aggressive and secret campaign" to push down the stock through naked shorting and other unspecified methods. It continued to short the company as a means of keeping the price down so it could defer or avoid having to cover its naked short positions at a loss, the response states.
    • While Destiny provides no details of the 11-year campaign (it says that information is well known to Noramco and Mr. McDonald) it claims that the campaign continues "to this day."
    • "In a survey of 3,000 pentamillionaires ($5 million net worth) the Harrison Group
       ( reported that almost all pentamillionaires made their fortunes in a
       big lump sum after a period of years. Worth repeating: a big lump sum, not “by saving 10% of
       his paycheck for 40 years.”
       “A big lump sum” is just another phrase for *“asset value.”* Furthermore, 80% either started their
    • So, to sum it up, asset appreciation and liquidation is the key to massive, rapid wealth creation - not passive income.

    •  It virtually always takes more timeto BUILD vs. BUY.

       This is the secret behind why large corporations buy pre-existing companies.....
    • the ability to stream music or movies on demand has made CDs and DVDs less essential.
    • CDs? There's music streaming or digital downloads. DVDs? Netflix, Amazon or a host of other online movie sites. Video games? There's digital distribution like Steam and, increasingly, downloads from the major console and game makers.


      "As personal cloud services become ubiquitous and broadband speeds increase, there's very little reason for many consumers to use an optical drive on their computer going forward

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