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Stories I Found Of Interest (weekly)

    • According to the U.S. State Department, an all-time record of more than 6 million Americans are now working or studying overseas.  Of course many of those that have left the country do not believe that the U.S. economy is going to collapse, but without a doubt there are an increasing number of preppers that believe that now is the time to “escape from America” while they still can.  And certainly there are a lot of reasons why the U.S. is becoming less appealing with each passing day.  In addition to our economic problems, crime is on the rise in our cities, our liberties and freedoms are being eroded at a frightening pace, political correctness is wildly out of control, and our corrupt politicians continue to make things even worse.
    • The companies are, in effect, creating new networks for television through broadband pipes and also giving rise to new rivalries — among one another, as between Amazon and Netflix
    • But the trend may inflame cable companies’ concerns about cord-cutting by subscribers who decide there’s enough to watch online.
    • a New York court is poised to rule on whether a start-up that created a way for people to buy and sell iTunes songs is breaking copyright law. A victory for the company would mean that consumers would not need either Apple’s or Amazon’s exchange to resell their digital items. Electronic bazaars would spring up instantly
    • The technology to allow the resale of digital goods is now in place, and it will cause a dramatic upheaval,
    • The resale of e-books would send the price of new books crashing
    • Amazon’s patent envisions a book or movie or song being kept in a customer’s personalized “data store.” When an item is no longer wanted, the user could sell or trade it to another user, an action that would automatically delete the item from the first user’s store
    • The patent describes what is essentially a gigantic swap meet
    • BOCA RATON, Fla. -- Florida could be the next state to legalize marijuana for medicinal use.

      It's estimated seven out of 10 people polled would support a recent bill proposed in the State Senate

    • The explosion of the student loan bubble could lead to the next financial crisis in the United States, says a new federal report -which highlights the growing problem in these alarming new charts.
    • As of 2012, about $1 trillion was tied up in student loans – more than the total amount of credit card debt in the nation,
    • No longer does a bachelor’s degree guarantee a secure job, enough income to buy a house or the opportunity to advance in a career
    • We’re in the midst of the greatest investing boom in almost 60 years. And rest assured – this boom is not about to end anytime soon. You see, the flattening of the world continues to spawn new markets worth trillions of dollars; new customers that measure in the billions; an insatiable global demand for basic resources that’s growing exponentially ; and a technological revolution even in the most distant markets on the planet
    • The process uses a specialised 3D printer made by Stratasys that can create multi-layered materials.


      It combines a strand of standard plastic with a layer made from a "smart" material that can absorb water.


      The water acts as an energy source for the material to expand once it is printed.


      "The rigid material becomes a structure and the other layer is the force that can start bending and twisting it," said Mr Tibbits.


      "Essentially the printing is nothing new, it is about what happens after," he added.


      Such a process could in future be used to build furniture, bikes, cars and even buildings, he thinks.


      For the time being he is seeking a manufacturing partner to explore the innovation.

    • Engineering software developer Autodesk, which collaborated on the project, is looking even further into the future.


      "Imagine a scenario where you go to Ikea and buy a chair, put it in your room and it self-assembles," said Carlo Olguin, principal research scientist at the software firm.


      The 4D printing concept draws inspiration from nature which already has the ability to self-replicate.

    • "Citi basically thinks demand for Apple products has reached a peak. Incremental products will be a snooze. No new product categories.
    • U.S. consumers spent more on mobile data than on voice for the first time in 2012
    • Wireless carriers must improve network efficiency to accommodate the growing demand for data services
    • ABC is making the biggest leap: its "ABC Unified" campaign sells programs to advertisers across all platforms, from TVs to computers, tablets, and smartphones.
    • If a show's audience is measured and ads are sold in a single buy across all platforms, that creates a tremendous incentive for a network to maximize the number of platforms where its shows are available. It also makes it more likely that networks will push toward parity across those platforms
    • Google is planning to roll out a music streaming service to capitalize on the power of YouTube
    • YouTube is already one of the most heavily used music services in the world, but it hasn't yet charged users. Instead, it sells ads against its music videos; a cut goes back to the record companies. Of the ways music is consumed today, spending on subscription-based streaming ("renting" music rather than "owning" it) is a fraction of what spending on digital purchases on stores like Amazon (AMZN) or Apple's (AAPL) iTunes store can reach. Fewer people subscribe, and of those, the spending per month is generally lower
    • major music labels have found that there is money to be made via streaming music services. The Warner Music Group, which, sources say, has partnered with YouTube and Google on the new ventures,
    • Content ID is another notable partnership: a bit of backend software YouTube runs to match videos with their "audio fingerprints," then tags uploaded videos and ensures royalties go to the copyright holders.
    • The theme behind a crop of new products is technology becoming more intuitive rather than requiring people to adapt to it. Gesture control, for instance, feels more natural than operating a mouse.
    • Apple and others are pursuing intuitive 3D interfaces using, a new Java-based framework
    • claims it will “bring about the next big change in the way we interact with computers and other devices and systems
    • Things are fuzzier for some of YouTube’s biggest programming partners. Their views are also increasing. But the ad revenue YouTube generates for their stuff isn’t keeping pace
    • that’s pushing many big YouTube networks and partners to look hard for new sources of revenue.
    • “Every single person in the entertainment group complained to [YouTube content executive] Alex Carloss: ‘We’re not making enough money,’”
    • Maker Studios, another big “multichannel network,” is looking to boost revenue via alternate streams like iTunes soundtrack sales, among other strategies.
    • Many big programmers are also concentrating on selling their own “integrations” with advertisers
    • Others are working to direct traffic from YouTube to their own sites.
    • Video makers who control their own sites say they are often able to generate much bigger payouts than YouTube provides

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