Friday, September 09, 2016

Who Knows More About You Than FaceBook and Google?

Your cable box is the ultimate in "big brother" and yet the cable companies have yet to capitalize on it. It is at the top of the data food chain. It knows more about you than FaceBook and Google.

The FCC has a plan that would allow you to get rid of your cable box and make it easier to watch your favorite programs. Apps will soon replace the cable box.

Cable companies have been laggards in how to truly monetize the various opportunities they have from the "pipe"  into your home.

Don't feel bad for the cable companies that will lose out on all of that income renting you those boxes though. They have one thing that is a lot more valuable than that.

You think FaceBook and Google know a thing or two about you, try your Internet provider.

They know what web searches you made, sites you visited, your downloads, your emails. They know what you liked on Facebook. They know what texts/pics you shared on your apps.

They know what TV shows you recorded, when and where you watched them. They know what you were doing with your other devices while you were watching TV.

Sure you can clear your cookies and history on your web browser, but that doesn't stop the cable company from following your online activity because they control the pipe. They can even monitor you when you surf on another provider. * There is only one way I know you can hide your Internet traffic from your provider.

Why the cable companies haven't capitalized on this goldmine is beyond me.

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