Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Chrysler Offers Wireless Internet Access (UConnect) In 2009 Models..Who Wins, Who Loses?

Every VIN number gets an IP address, and Physical World Connection takes a big leap.

From LA Times Chrysler Offers Wireless Internet Access In 2009 Models

The nation's third-largest automaker is set to announce Thursday that it's making wireless Internet an option on all its 2009 models. The mobile hotspot, called UConnect Web, would be the first such technology from any automaker.

Here's what I wonder:

Is this a major blow to OnStar? Do you really need satellite service?

If you're able to listen to internet radio, how does this impact satellite radio players?

What happens to GPS players (Garmin etc)?

Is this a boom for location based service players?

What internet connected options could insurance companies offer to lower premiums?

Chrysler says that when the car is in motion, the service is intended to be used only by passengers.

Chrysler brings Infobahn to Autobahn

Most of the other automakers, not to mention Microsoft, are right behind them, and there's a push to bring some standards to the hardware.

Chrysler says UConnect Web uses cellular and WiFi technology to provide "instant access" to the internet

UConnect Web is an extension of the company's UConnect system, which provides Bluetooth connectivity for cellphones and MP3 player integration with the car stereo. Rival Ford provides similar services, but without Web access, in its popular Sync system.

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Anonymous said...

Awesome! I've been keenly interested in this new emerging technology since I've first watched it on foxnews channel. I'm seeing a great potential for this technology which can probably drive Chrysler's sales for 2009. Also, I'm predicting this will be the trend and most other car companies will follow suit and would not dare leave themselves behind on this.

I'm carefully watching the developments from here on and I've actually started a blog dedicated to this as well.