Thursday, June 26, 2008

Interest In Geothermal Energy Heats Up

Slightly off-topic, but indeed disruptive.

I find it interesting that more stories about geothermal are appearing.

When I look at the Geothermal Resource map, I see an upcoming pattern that could develop for the entire renewable energy industry.

How Geothermal Energy Works

Under Earth's crust, there is a layer of hot and molten rock called magma. Heat is continually produced there, mostly from the decay of naturally radioactive materials such as uranium and potassium.

The amount of heat within 10,000 meters (about 33,000 feet) of Earth’s surface contains 50,000 times more energy than all the oil and natural gas resources in the world.

In thousands of homes and buildings across the United States, geothermal heat pumps use the steady temperatures just underground to heat and cool buildings, cleanly and inexpensively.

DOE To Invest $90M In Advanced Geothermal Energy

A 2007 Massachusetts Institute of Technology study, sponsored by the U.S. Department of Energy, estimated that geothermal energy will eventually power 25 million U.S. homes at a combined cost of $40 million per year

From Telegraph UK Harness Volcano Power, Energy Experts Say

Volcanoes and hot springs could supply up to 25 per cent of America's power needs, energy experts have said.

As fuel prices soar, Alaskan officials announced the exploration of the state's volcanoes, saying they could be exploited to provide energy for thousands of homes.

Do you see the emerging pattern?

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