Monday, June 16, 2008

U.S. Mobile Internet Users Ready For 2D Barcode Technology

Research Now, surveyed people who own a camera phone and have accessed the mobile Internet at least once, which amounts to over 34 million people domestically according to M:Metrics.

The online survey showed over 1,000 mobile Internet users from across the United States a short explanation of how ScanLife works with potential applications for the technology.

Participants were then asked to provide a measure of their interest in 2D code technology and to specifically identify the benefits and barriers to using the mobile Internet.

It can be downloaded from the mobile browser on about 70 different handset models at or by texting SCAN to 70734

This survey confirms a developing trend: that a definite market need exists for this technology and the ScanLife application fills this gap for consumers, connecting them to vital information in a matter of seconds,” said Jonathan Bulkeley, Chief Executive Officer of Scanbuy.

“After deploying ScanLife in a number of international markets, the initial reception from end-users has been extremely positive, and these research results show that 2D barcode technology has huge potential for adoption in the U.S. market as well.”

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