Friday, June 20, 2008

Pop! Technology Bar Codes...Disruptive Technology For How Long?

In my opinion, this technology is a must have for any retailer involved with perishable items. ..until RFID becomes widely adopted.

It would have been disruptive about 10 years ago, but morepop technology advanced technologies are coming that will disrupt this shortly.

Pop! Technology's 'smart' barcodes provide users with real time information about the status and condition of their products at all points of the supply and distribution chain, from manufacture to end-user.

The Company's barcodes, which are compatible with current scanning devices, can provide users with a range of critical information, including product temperature, retail placement, fraud detection and shoppers' buying patterns.

Here's the problem, the item still has to be scanned manually. RFID tags will offer the same function, and many more (dynamically). This bar code is still passive.

Example: their barcode can detect if a carton of milk or package of meat has been exposed to improper temperatures (the barcode is able to determine if the packaging went over x number of degrees) preventing the item from being sold to consumers.

The barcode contains irreversible temperature sensitive ink.

They just announced they have retained Growthink to raise $2.0 million in Series A capital for Pop! Technology, a creator of 'active' barcode.

"Pop! Technology's smart barcodes are indeed very smart, and have the potential to be a disruptive technology that can be utilized by a wide range of industries. We're excited about our client's potential for growth," said Emily Burg, Growthink's Director of Strategy.

In my opinion, disruptive yes, but length of impact very limited.

Growthink is a very reputable and forward thinking investment banking firm, but I am a little surprised they are working with this technology. I wonder how long before various forms of RFID tags leapfrog Pop!'s smart barcode technology.

More on Pop! Technology from Texas Startup

Am I missing something, let me know.

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