Friday, July 08, 2011

Cognitive Vision From The Pondering Primate

 The overall theme I saw this week. Major disruption ahead for the wireless provider industry.

Facebook users can chat through Skype link
Does this make Microsoft a player again?

The possibilities for this partnership are huge. How does this impact mobile phone providers?

Google in talks to buy Hulu. link
I am wondering if Google's ownership of YouTube will prevent this from happening. A video monopoly? Largest media could get a lot bigger.

WiFi hotspots represent the new cell network link
Mobile carriers should be concerned. Technology that let cell calls seamlessly switch from cell to hotspot should be huge.

A rare earth discovery in Japan could ease supply issues link

Justin Timberlake spends $35m to buy MySpace. link. Imagine what he could do with a membership of 135 million members. Change the name of the site and target a certain demographic or industry.

Something to ponder. Who really owns your data once you upload it to the cloud? link

Skype owns 50% of the VOIP market link

Digital currency the next go? link

Your privacy on Google will be gone on July 31 link
Does this allow them to share it now too?

Mobile payments and digital goods will dominate. link
Your mobile phone is slowly morphing into a wallet.

The end of unlimited data plans for mobile? link
The tipping point for VOIP services?What happens when video takes off?

A new high speed network link

Should wireless carriers be concerned?

Longer Golf Drives Guaranteed

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