Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Will WiFi Hotspots Replace Cell Towers?

You may not realize it yet but your home will soon become a cell tower.

Every coffee shop, airport, book store, mall, stadium will have them too.

When a wi-fi router is added to a broadband Internet connection, it becomes a wireless broadband “cell tower”.

GigaOm discusses the future of the cell phone network saying the future of cellular service the Wi-Fi hotspot will have a starring role. link

The rapid increase of data being sent across the mobile network will force mobile carriers to push this traffic to a more efficient and faster highway, the wifi hotspot.

Technology that enables this has been called The Next Big Thing For Mobile

The easiest and most cost effective solution for wireless carriers to solve this upcoming bandwidth bottleneck is to enable a cellphone on their network to seamless switch to a wi-fi network when the signal is too weak or it becomes cost effective.

Most cell phones are equipped with the necessary hardware to do this, the only thing missing is the software.
Want to know the company that has this software?

Think about it, every router represents a personal cell tower. Cities dont want to build more towers so why not use the hundreds or thousands of "towers" already established.

I found the company with software that enables seamless switching across any frequency that I call the Wireless Wonder.

One of the most prestigious consulting companies in the world gave this company their "Technology of the Year Award" and called this patented wireless technology "revolutionary".

If you would like to see what this technology is and what company owns it, email me with subject line "Wireless Wonder"

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