Sunday, December 17, 2017

Great Insider Buying Books

 If you're serious about learning how and why investing using insider buying as an indicator can deliver above average performance, here are two great insider buying books

From George Muzea's "The Vital Few Versus The Trivial Many"

 Look for the "Catalytic Insider", otherwise known as "Stud Insiders" or "Smart Insiders".

Anytime you see an insider buying a stock that is already in an uptrend, the insider buying is "catalytic" in nature.

There is nothing better than having one or more insiders buying into a stock that is in an uptrend and already has institutional sponsorship.

The Catalytic Insider is actually the momentum investor's best friend.

Another great read for insider buying is Jesse Stine's "Insider Buy Superstocks".

Jesse's winning formula was uncovering undiscovered stocks fueled by insider buying.

Insiders often buy because of a catalyst that may not appear for several quarters.

It's difficult to go wrong when following the insiders.

At the Insider Buying Report, every day we scan the insider filings and search for a company that has either breakthrough technology or part of a major investing wave.

We are looking for small companies hidden from Wall Street whose insiders are doing the talking with their wallet. Nothing signifies optimism more than an executive who is in the know buying their stock in the open market.

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