Tuesday, September 25, 2018

How To Hide From Google

TraceFree browser
Private Search on Google is now possible

If you want to hide your browsing from Google or your company relies on Google's Ad Sense or Google Analytics, you are really going to want to read this.

Google is good, I mean REALLY good at tracking you and your browsing. Between Search, Chrome browser, Android phones, Google Maps, YouTube or any one of the millions of websites that have Google Analytics script on them it is VERY HARD to hide from Google.

However is it now possible and it is having a major impact.

In order to hide from the many eyes and arms of Google, you cannot use your own device, a regular browser or surf from your own IP address. Huh?

You need a special built browser that has no memory. The browser must run  on a virtual machine in a virtual network. This is the TraceFree browser, the ONLY virtual private browser.

Hide your identity on any website

It is now possible to hide your identity and browsing from Google and ANY website. In addition, it is impossible to get a virus on your device.

Now that is great for us consumers, but this first time ever privacy will have a major impact on any enterprise using Google Analytics and any site that relies on Google's Ad Sense for revenue.

Who and How it impacts:

Website the relies on Ad Sense: The majority of your ad revenue comes from users clicking on relevant ads. Google will now be inserting ads based not on the actual user's identity and location, but the location and identity of a computer nowhere near where the real user is. Your visitors will no longer be clicking on ads on your site because they aren't targeted.

Enterprise: If you company uses Google Analytics or an analytic service, the metrics will be completely skewed. Your traffic will be coming from a server in the cloud, not the user's actual device. You will not be able to store cookies on the visitor's device. You will not be able to re target these visitors because when they log out of TraceFree any cookies are deleted. Your ability to track them is gone.

So while Orren Hatch and others are recommending government regulation on Google, know that it is already possible to avoid the Google monopoly.

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