Tuesday, October 02, 2018

How to get the best prices online

A Ferrari with Neiman Marcus bags in the front seat and a minivan with plastic WalMart bags pull into the car wash center. Who do you think gets serviced first? Who do you think is offered the higher priced options?

Exactly. Why? 

We ALL make assumptions about people based on their appearance...that same thing happens when you shop online. Each time you perform an online search for an item, the search engine uses the “shopping bags” and the model of your “car” to deliver the results.

Here are just some of the things a search engine is able to tell about you when they offer results.

The model of your PC and the version of your browser...do you have the latest computer or is your PC over 10 years old

The location where you are browsing (and have browsed)...are you in a high end zip code?..have you been to Europe lately or the Cayman Islands..search engines know when and for how long you visited.

What Internet provider do you use..DSL or on a company fiber.

What sites have you visited..are you a Walmart/eBay kind of shopper or are you a Macy’s/Sak’s frequent shopper?

How long do you spend on a website before making a purchase?..impulse or smart consumer

Is there ANY OTHER info that could impact your purchasing decision? .....trip, birthday, anniversary, new baby, divorce, bankruptcy, death, new relationship, business venture, legal issue etc.

What credit cards do you usually use when you shop...Amex (no credit limit) or Visa/MC with a limit?

This is just some of the info that is used AGAINST you when you are looking for the best deal online. How does a search engine know this kind of info?...cookies. Each time you connect to the Net, visit a site, make a purchase, or open an email you are giving away what kind of “car” you drive and what stores you shop at.

Each session with TraceFree you are using a brand new cookie free browser.

Search engines can’t make any assumptions about you because there is no info on you! 

You ALWAYS GET the most competitive pricing.

TraceFree, the ONLY virtual private browser is now available for Windows OS.

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