Thursday, January 31, 2019

What Is A Private Browser?

What is the one thing the privacy experts told you to do to in order to be private while browsing the Web?

They told you that using Google's Incognito mode would keep you private. Wrong!

Now they are telling you to use a VPN to be secure when browsing. Wrong again!

All of these "private" browsing solutions are trying to solve the online privacy problem from the same direction, and they are failing.

This is what a private browser accomplishes:
1. websites cannot identify you, your device or your location
2. websites cannot follow you when you leave their site
3. your Internet provider cannot determine what sites you visited
4. there cannot be any browsing evidence on your device

The private mode of the browser and using a VPN with your browser has the same issue. The browser runs on the device! How can the user ever be private, they can't.

To be completely private and secure the browser must run in the cloud, or you need to use a cloud browser.

When you want your browsing experience to be completely secure and private, and also trace free, get the only private browser that does this.

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