Thursday, January 17, 2019

Could The Online Privacy Problem Be Finally Solved?

the only virtual private browser

Yesterday TraceFree, announced the world's first virtual private browser and may have finally solved the online privacy problem.

 Yeah yeah I know, another browser that claims that they keep the user private. Here's the deal though, this browser runs in the cloud NOT on the user's device. Websites, including Google, cannot identify the user. their device or location because they only see the server in the cloud.

Because sites like Google cannot correctly identify the user, their data analytics are false AND they cannot track a user when they logout. So while TraceFree solves the online privacy problem they just created a massive one for the $200B online advertising industry.

This is how it compares to a VPN  actually there is no comparison because a VPN still allows a site to see/track a user and history and viruses can get on the user's device.

The Department of Defense and major financial institutions are now adopting the cloud browser as a way to protect their network.

As a side note, because a site cannot identify the user, every search engine becomes a private search engine.

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