Wednesday, November 12, 2008

A Boom Coming For TV Advertising?

Dynamic ad insertion for both linear and non-linear TV viewing.

The ability to place targeted ads before, after and during on demand content playback will disrupt the television advertising.

A new advertising solution will enable advertisers and content providers to exert exacting control over ad placement and generate revenue through additional advertising opportunities.

Advertisers can now reach both prime time and "my time" viewers. This has enormous implications for advertising.


J.B.Vick said...

Great blog BTW....I keep it on my google rss reader...
I dont believe this will have any effect whatsoever. the problem is not targeting, the problem is context. If Im watching a show I dont want to be interupted. Interuption advertising is dead. Its all about context. find the utility and thats where the advertising works.

Scott P. Shaffer said...

I agree, however what if an advertiser could not only insert a targeted ad BUT the ad was "hyperlinkable"?
Inserting the ad is the first step, turning it into a URL is the next...that's coming.

jgutman67 said...

Thanks for the great blog. When can we something again on Voyant International? This company seems to have so much potential out there in the energy field, entertainment etc. You made me aware of this company a long time ago and now I am excited about it's potential growth. Where are they now and when can we expect another update?

Scott P. Shaffer said...

I have a rough draft outlined.

In my opinion, the FCC approval of white space has created an enormous opportunity for Voyant.

Shelly Palmer at Seeking Alpha calls White Space, "The Beginning of a New Era in Telecom"...this is a great analysis of an upcoming multi-billion dollar space.

"I think it is important to understand the potential upside of the technology and, for those of you who like to play “media mega-wars: home edition,” peer (however superficially) into the mind of Google"

I outlined how white space represents a white-hot opportunity for Voyant here