Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Energy Internet Or Electronet...Two Terms To Get Used To

Thomas Friedman in Hot Flat and Crowded recognizes the core green truth that the future is all about clean electrons -- that is, carbon-free electricity -- and energy efficiency.

A smart electrical grid is when moving power use to the grid also opens up the full potential of an "energy internet,"

Al Gore speaking at the Web 2.0 Summit:

The nation needs to build “an electronet,” a unified national smart grid, with high-voltage, low-loss underground wires that deliver renewable energy from the places that produce it — like the sunny Arizona deserts or the windy Dakota plains — to the cities where the majority of it is used. Such a grid would require a $400 billion investment upfront, but would pay off in just over three years, he said, because the nation spends $120 billion annually on costs from power failures attributed to the existing grid.

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