Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Suggested CleanTech Reading

A record amount of VC money is going into the CleanTech, or GreenTech space.

Here are some books I have found that give great insight on where some of the next great investments might be found in the CleanTech space.

Nicholas Carr, the author of "Does IT Matter?" (a book that was way ahead of it's time) provides more of his visions.
This book discusses how cheap, utility-supplied computing will ultimately change society as profoundly as cheap electricity did.

Best selling author Thomas Friedman follows up his "The World Is Flat" with a great insight as to how the Green Revolution could provide America with a great opportunity. "The green revolution we need is is like no revolution the world has seen".

Highlights the various types of renewable energy opportunities (trends, pros/cons, timeframes, profitability potential and myths).

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