Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The Google Phone..Disruption In The Wireless Industry Ahead

If the phone isn't tied into a wireless provider, does this count as another example of cloud computing?

If there are no contracts, how will this affect the cell phone manufacturers with regards to rebates?

How long before the Verizon, Sprint etc stores are completely gone? Best Buy Mobile is doing a great job of taking traffic from local wireless stores due to pricing.

From CS Monitor Google Phone Upsets Mobile Industry

"Google could sell the phone directly to consumers without a contractual relationship to a cellphone service provider"

"consumers could use the phone on any service that uses GSM technology — that is, runs with a SIM (subscriber identity module) card.

Instead of being locked into AT&T or Verizon service, for example, consumers could take their newly purchased technology where they pleased, taking advantages of typically shorter or nonexistent contracts that companies offer when shoppers bring their own phone to the dea


Dean Collins said...

good to see you are back Scott

S.P.S said...

Thanks Dean.

I took some time off from blogging to develop 2 of my inventions.
The pondering will continue...