Thursday, December 31, 2009

Airwaves....The Next "Land" Grab?

From Assoc. Press Mad Scramble For More Airwaves

As mobile phones become more sophisticated, they transmit and receive more data over the airwaves. But the spectrum of wireless frequencies is finite — and devices like the iPhone are allowed to use only so much of it. TV and radio broadcasts, Wi-Fi networks and other communications services also use the airwaves. Each transmits on certain frequencies to avoid interference with others.

Wait until the "physical world" gets connected.

Now wireless phone companies fear they're in danger of running out of room, leaving congested networks that frustrate users and slow innovation. So the wireless companies want the government to give them bigger slices of airwaves.

A ton of new "land" is available here

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Uyin said...

The government can give them a bigger slices of airwaves but they must also play their sosial part, not only think about profit.