Friday, December 18, 2009

Morgan Stanley's Mobile Internet Report

Morgan Stanley just came out with their Mobile Internet Report.

One thing to keep in mind when they refer to the "mobile Internet" is that it will include more than just mobile phones. Think Kindles, MP3s, cars, billboards, appliances, RFID tags, barcodes....just about ANY physical object will be Internet enabled.

"the impact of the mobile Internet will be bigger than the impact of the desktop Internet, personal computer, minicomputer and mainframe"

"the mobile Internet has the potential to create/destroy more wealth than the prior computing cycles"

Here's a quote that caught my eye "winners of each new cycle often create more market capitalization than winners of prior cycles"

the past winners include Google, Microsoft, Cisco, eBay....what will be the Next Google for the Mobile Internet, and how much will it be valued at?

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