Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Don't Miss This Investing Wave

The June Issue of How To Find Big Stocks just highlighted a company with VERY Big stock potential.
In our How To Find Big Stocks June newsletter, we write about the discovery of a nanocap company (less than $100M market cap) that is on the cusp of riding a major upcoming investing wave!  Here are some of last week's newsletter highlights:

There have been several transformations with the mobile phone (camera chip/ g.p.s chip/ voice recognition), and the Big Stocks associated with each one have generated significant wealth.

With each additional function created for the phone, entire industries, along with new companies were created and destroyed. Can it happen again? We think so!

The latest technology added to the mobile phone will trump them all

It has been called a new gold rush on the next e-commerce frontier and it's currently valued at $170B. (Gartner)

Don't miss the investing wave (This major wave could be triggered earlier than expected by ONE event happening in mid-June...learn what that event is, the wave, and the company with the "competitive advantage" in our most recent issue)!
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This under the radar nanocap company has already started signing licensing deals for their patents on what we feel will rival one of the largest investing waves to date.  Not only do they provide the hardware for this wave, but also their patent portfolio has been validated by a $7M order by a Multi-Billion $Dollar$ Corporation...the first of what we think are many more orders to come!

We saw this same type of situation with Qualcomm (Remember when Qualcomm was .56 a share?

Subscribers are still enjoying our call in January of Destiny Media Technologies DSNY at .40 a share (with much more upside to come), and we have once again spotted another potential undiscovered jewel with our newest highlighted company!

Wealth changing Big Stocks are ones that have a competitive advantage in a major investing wave. Find out our newest highlighted company today!
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