Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Will TecTiles Jump Start NFC?

While we wait for point of sale terminals (POS) to be retrofitted to enable near field communications (NFC), could this great idea from Samsung trigger mass adoption of NFC?

Analysts have said the first area for NFC adoption will be ticketing, but I can see numerous uses for NFC with this.
 QR codes are so 2010, the new thing could be NFC equipped Tec Tiles? 
(From TechCrunch)

there’s plenty you can do with NFC outside of tap-to-pay, which is why Samsung is introducing TecTiles.

 More info on TecTiles
For 14.99 for a pack of five, you can slap these NFC stickers on the steering wheel, by the front door, on the corner of your desk or anywhere you see fit. They’ll allow you to swipe your phone across them and it will automatically adjust itself to predetermined settings or actions that you’ve already programmed in.

So, imagine tapping your phone against a TecTile on your night stand and seeing your phone automatically set an alarm and dim the display to prep you for sleep time.

You can program the TecTiles through a simple, free application on the Google Play store called Samsung TecTiles, and perform the following actions with a tap of your phone:
  • Change phone settings, including Bluetooth, WiFi, ringer volume, brightness, etc.
  • Launch an app
  • Join a WiFi network
  • Show a message
  • Make a call or start a Google Talk conversation
  • Send a predetermined text message, like “I’m on my way” on a steering wheel TecTile
  • Share a contact or business card
  • Open up to a certain address on a map
  • Open a web page
  • Check in on foursquare or Facebook
  • Automatically “Like” something on Facebook
  • Update your Facebook status
  • Post a tweet or automatically follow on Twitter
  • Connect with someone on LinkedIn
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