Thursday, June 07, 2012

Will 3D Printing Disrupt The Patent Industry?

 Could a 3d prototype replace drawings for patents?

Would the prototype show the original concept?

Could the code that is used to create a prototype be submitted as part of the patent?

Let's face it, unless you're a patent attorney or have an engineering background, a patent is very difficult to decipher. Seeing what the patent "does" using a prototype might solve a lot of the issues we face today.

3D Printer has a great story on why 3D printing and inventors may be a perfect match?

To adapt a cliché, one polished, functioning 3D prototype is worth a thousand words during a pitch to potential investors (who can pay for the patenting process, if desired) or a potential retailer.

 Another possible advantage of prototyping is if the product proves less than ideal on use, the inventor can test and optimize. It’s never a bad thing to hit the market with the most functional expression of a new idea.

I wonder how this could affect the patent submission process?

(My view)
3d printing opens a world of opportunity for entrepreneurs and inventors.
"manufacturing" isn't dead in the U.S., it is very much alive. Gone are the days of big buildings making widgets replaced with a 3d printer and a little creativity.

The tool that turned $10,000 into $2,800,000 in 2 years.

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ChrisC said...

One concern I have is, is it possible to patent the process of 'making x on a 3d printer' where x is some device? If so how precisely would x need to be defined.