Monday, August 20, 2012

Groupon Investors Flee..Are Facebook Investors Next?

In June of last year, BEFORE they went public, I predicted:

Prediction: Groupon will not only the fastest company to generate $1b in revenues, but also to hit $1b in sales and go bankrupt.

Today the Wall Street Journal reports that Groupon investors are running for the hills.

Some of the early backers of Groupon Inc., including Silicon Valley veteran Marc Andreessen, are heading for the exits, joining investors who have lost faith in companies that had been expected to drive a new Internet boom. 

The verdict is out on Facebook. They still haven figured out how to monetize all of those 900 million users yet.

I think they could be sitting on the next big thing but havent taken advantage of it yet.

They still have to get around that pesky "like" lawsuit first.

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