Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Group Buying Industry Is Definitely A Bubble

Yes it's a bubble without a doubt.

File this under "Are You Kidding Me?"

Groupon IPO proposed valuation is $30B valuation, and today the valuation for Living Social IPO is $15B.

This entire space is a commodity with no barriers to entry.

The two largest media/social sites, Google and FaceBook have launched their own group buying initiatives.

Prediction: Groupon will not only the fastest company to generate $1b in revenues, but also to hit $1b in sales and go bankrupt.

Am I missing something?

Longer Golf Drives Guaranteed

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hockeyplayer said...

Agreed....1000%...been saying it all along to people I know who are trying to start their own. They're nuts. It's a house of cards....