Thursday, December 20, 2007

Circuit City Merges Online And Real World Commerce With 24 Minute In Store Pickup

Circuit City is merging their online site with their retail stores with a pretty good idea.

Let your customer shop and order online, and then pick up item(s) in 24 minutes at your retail store.

Online price comparison before buying.
Save on shipping costs.
Verify item is in stock.
Save time by not standing in checkout line.
Pick up item in time for holidays.

Are taxes charged because item is picked up at retailer versus online?
Inventory requirements would have to be higher.
Big items (TVs) could be a hassle to transport...a possibility to sell shipping service at store?

What would I do if I was in charge of their mobile marketing?

Include a n option where customer could provide their mobile number. The store would send a text as soon as item is ready. For using this service I would resend (with their permission) a 2d bar code/coupon to be used the NEXT TIME they visit the store.

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Anonymous said...

Circuit City doesn't get it when "it" is electronic commerce.

I say a game on Ben's Bargains that I thought would be great for my son. I went online and bought the game via They sent me a confirmation e-mail that they said was required to pick up the game. So far, so good.

I sent my son to the store with the hardcopy of the e-mail and his driver's license with the name and address that was on the invoice. Circuit City wouldn't give him the game without the credit card that the game was charged to.

If I wanted him running around town with the credit card, I'd just give it to him and send him to the store to buy the game. If I wanted to go the store, I'd just go down there and pay for the game to begin with.