Sunday, December 23, 2007

Sprint Promotes ScanLife Mobile Bar Codes In Wired Magazine

A major U.S. wireless carrier, Sprint, is recognizing (and promoting) how big Physical World Connection (camera phone and barcodes) will be.

On page 35 of this month's Wired Magazine Sprint has a full page ad called "The Captivating Future Of The Bar Code".scanlife

Sprint is advertising ScanBuy's ScanLife mobile bar code reading application for camera phones.

ScanBuy was the first physical world connection company to land a carrier and major brand.

Notable quotes from the ad.

"not since the electric toothbrush has such an ordinary object emerged to make the the world a more nimble place"

"you are about to experience the life-altering future of the bar-code"

" we can't say for sure (no one can), but we have reason to believe .

"we have reason to believe that the bar code is going to revolutionize the way people consume things"

Sears, Billboard, Burn Magazine, Nike are just a few companies that are using ScanLife's mobile bar codes to link camera phones to the Net.

If you have a camera phone text "SCAN" to 70734 and download the free application, It takes less than a minute. supported phones

Take a picture of the bar code on the screen (or the magazine) and receive your secret prize.
ScanLifeThis poor image of the bar code, that was taken by a camera phone, can be scanned by the ScanLife application.


Anonymous said...

I use Cingular - can I use ScanBuy? I cannot determine at the web site.

No Name said...

The ad says to receive your secret prize*

*Available to Sprint customers only.

Because I am a Sprint customer, the app worked for me. It is so easy to download and use I would try.

Anonymous said...

So what's the prize??