Tuesday, January 05, 2010

When Does Mobile Go To The Cloud?

Haven't we seen this before?

The shift went from the device to the Internet.

The PC used to be the device that did the work and used the Net to deliver it. Now, the PC is merely a connection device and the Net does the work. This transformation is called "cloud computing" and disrupted the personal computing industry.

We face that same transformation again, only this time it is with the mobile phone.

The mobile phone's initial function was to process voice communications. Text messages, email, web surfing came along and the mobile phone became more of a data processor.

As the mobile phone gets even "smart"(er) and there are more applications to load on it, at what point do all of these applications overload the mobile phone's processing power?

At what point will the applications be on the Net, instead of on the phone? Will it occur when mobile phones have true broadband capability and connection issues are no longer a factor?

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