Thursday, March 11, 2010

A Decade Of Disruption

We are always in search of disruptive technologies.

That is, a technology that will either create a new industry, and or destroy a current one.

As an example. The automobile was disruptive technology by creating a new industry and eliminated the horse and buggy space.

BusinessInsider lists the 21 Things That Became Obsolete This Decade

Disruptive technology made these obsolete.

1. PDAs
2. Email services
3. Dial up
4. Getting film developed
5. Movie rental stores
6. Maps
7. Newspaper classifieds
8. Landline
9. Long distance charges
10. Payphones
11. VCRS
12. fax machines
13. Phone books, dictionaries, encyclopedias
14. Calling 411
15. CDs
16. backing up data on floppies or CDs
17. Getting bills in the mail
18. Buttons
19. Losing touch
20. Boundaries
21. Paper
22. Record stores

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