Friday, March 26, 2010

That's The Way I Think I "Like It"..Uh Huh

Enormous implications.

The email app "tell your friend" is so 2009.

FaceBook introduces a new application that with just one click, allows ANY website to appear and be linked in front of millions of FaceBook'ers.

Not only does it appear immediately as a "Like It", but it acts as the most"trusted" form of an internet referral to date.

Imagine if you could have your website appear in front of millions with one click...AS A REFERRAL.

Your shopping for a new watch/shirt/movie, click "Like It" and let others see your interests.

Now we know FaceBook traffic is now larger than Google's and that should alarm them.

Here's another reason. The combination of your interests/profile/groups and what you "Like It" will allow FaceBook to more effectively target ads to you and your friends

From TechCrunch FaceBook to release "Like It" button for the whole darn Internet

very good for Facebook as hundreds of thousands of websites will rush to format their content to exactly Facebook’s preference and send over all their data without a second thought.

One way to think of this, says a source with knowledge of the product, is this. Google spends billions of dollars indexing the web for their search engine. Facebook will get the web to index itself, exclusively for Facebook

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