Friday, March 05, 2010

Things That Make You Go Hmmm...

Headlines for this week.

Weight Watcher's labels McDonald's Chicken McNuggets healthy. Burger King is in talks with Jenny Craig for Whopper labeling.

Microsoft's Ballmer bets it all on this .

The mobile space must be starting to boom because the patents are starting fly. See who is suing who for what.

Apple sues for their "touchy feely" intellectual property.

Sony, a new player in the handheld device space? Will the WalkMan get another life?

Throw away your PC in 3 years.

YouTube launches auto-captions for videos. Expect new words to be added to Webster's.

Palm will be left to die, Microsoft not interested. Pioneer of the smart phone seeks bleak picture.

New service lets you invest in FaceBook, Twitter, before they go public.

For those too lazy to type a phone number, Google extends click to call for all advertisers.

Y2K bug knocks out PlayStation.

FaceBook is secretly planning an Internet wide payment platform. Should PayPal start to worry?

Airport scanners spreading across U.S..

Google unveils disaster recovery feature and replicates data in multiple servers and data centers. Can you say exponential memory?

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