Monday, June 21, 2010

Major Trend Starting To Occur

Identifying a new trend is one thing, being rewarded for your vision is another.

The consumer/individual has always been responsible for generating the majority of the traffic on the Net, NOW he is responsible for creating the majority of the content on it too.

Tweets, Facebook posts, pictures, videos etc, the bulk of the content is consumer produced.

This transformation has enormous ramifications for advertisers and social networking sites...the consumer has the power.

There is one company that identified this shift, and is starting to get the attention of both consumers, advertisers and Silicon Valley. Their Internet traffic numbers are proof (

Their unique concept is like being able to invest in the next Facebook, or Google for free.

See why you as a consumer NOW have the power on the Net and how your little clicks add up

The site that has everyone talking Little Clicks Add Up

If this continues to grow, visionaries should be well rewarded.

The fastest growing site you've never heard of Little Clicks Add Up

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