Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The Catalyst For The Genomics Wave Boom?

We all know what happened when the personal computer became affordable to the masses, it triggered one of the biggest creations of wealth in our life time.

I've already stated that "personalized medicine" is an investing trend to watch.

Genomics, or "personalized medicine" will be the next investing boom. It will be much larger than the Internet boom and will create more millionaires than the Internet Wave did.

The 30,000 "switches" in your body (genes) or the "software of life", represent the next investing boom.

The Internet was all about saving time and communication.
The personalized medicine boom is about adding time. More specifically, adding years to life.

The "PC for the health industry" just became affordable to the masses today.

Forbes calls it the coolest new gadget and it isn't at CES.

unlike other DNA sequencers that involved a complicated system of chemicals and optical instruments, this one is a semiconductor chip,

it proves that Life can make its semiconductor DNA sequencing chips faster and more powerful at a pretty dramatic clip

Life Technologies Corp. said it would begin taking orders for a machine that is designed to sequence a person's entire genome in one day for $1,000

THE BIG PICTURE: Life Technologies says the expense and long processing time of whole-genome sequencing have limited the procedure to relatively few research labs. By speeding up the process, and making it cheaper, Life Technologies hopes to rapidly increase the market for sequencing services. 

Existing products can take weeks, or longer, to sequence a human genome, the company said, and the procedure can cost between $5,000 and $10,000. Instruments to do the sequencing can cost between $500,000 and $750,000. Life Technologie's machine should run approx $149k.(source)

Motley Fool calls this announcement incredible.
This next investing boom is now possible.

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