Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Where Will Big Money Be Made Next?

Here is a list of waves I am following. I am currently writing a book that elaborates on each wave and what companies/technologies could have the competitive advantage in them. The Big Stockular in my book (How To Find Big Stocks) will help you find what companies they are.
Big Data (creation of it, storage, and digital rights)

Privacy (social networking has made it easy to publish things that are being used against you  and you will regret later)

Genomics/Personalized Medicine..a bigger wave than the Net. Net makes everything more efficient and saves time, PM saves lives

Intellectual Property..the US's new raw asset..we aint manuf any more and everything has turned to digital..IP is going to be key

Telematics/ M2M..controlling a device thru the Net

Speech recognition/motion technology...typing is becoming outdated

Wifi 2.0/ Hypernet...more data more devices means different ways of transferring it

Connected cars and homes...every car will be Net enabled and controlled..appliances in home will be too

Cloud computing...pc is getting dumber. Storage and processing of all digital content takes place on the Net, not thru the Net

TV Commerce/Interactive TV...big screen offers big opportunity

Cyber Security..the new form of terrorism

3D Printing...brings manuf back to the US

Mobile commerce/Location Based Services..the mouse that leaves the house offers dynamic opportunities to many

Physical world connection..a barcode, RFID tag, image et al is the physical world hyperlink that links a camera phone/tablet to the Net

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