Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Piracy In The Future

 As digital content gets easier to produce and distribute, managing it will be a huge industry to watch.

It isn't just about sharing music, it's much bigger.

BigThink has a great story about where privacy is headed.

the future of digital downloading will move quickly beyond music, movies and software into the copying and reproduction of physical objects

While the entertainment industry represents a lot of money, it is nothing compared to the world's manufacturing base, i.e. most of the world's economy

In my book (How To Find Big Stocks), I discuss waves like 3D printing and digital rights. Orion Jones gives us an idea what happens when these two waves meet (and they will).

There is technology now, that allows any digital content owner (this includes 3D printers) to "lock" a piece of digital content to a specified device AND track the content on the Net for illegal reproduction and distribution.

The ease of production and distribution (and duplication) has created a conundrum for digital content owners. I discuss this wave as one to watch in my book.

The tool that turned $10,000 into $2,800,000 in 2 years.

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