Thursday, January 26, 2012

Watch This Trend

Convenience comes with a price. I see a major trend (privacy) coming. The days of "I am off the grid" are getting close.

There will be a service or technology that enables people to surf, communicate without being tracked. I see people PAYING to do these activities knowing they won't be tracked.

People will pay to use email, communicate with friends on a social network and surf knowing their information and Internet activity isn't being recorded.

Interesting story on what tech trends lawyers need to keep an eye on.

I found 2 of particular interest:

Mobile payments and behavioral advertising.

When you start swiping your cell phone to pay for items your sensitive information is being sent over a wireless connection.

Google's recent no opt-out policy eliminates the anonymous Internet. Every click you make will be filled with an ad based on ALL of your information used/stored with Google.

 for Android users, there’s never really an option to be logged out, so everything you do, Google can now track, from searches to direction requests to videos watched

As soon as IPv6 is implemented, every device will have its own IP address, so the days of an anonymous Internet are really over.

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