Wednesday, January 11, 2017

The Privacy Wave Is Coming..Get Ready For A VPB Virtual Private Browser

ISPs, domains and even your own device track you while you surf. This EU Proposal is a good start but there are much better ways coming to maintain privacy online.

Combine the cloud (isolate your device) with a "disposable browser", and then you have complete privacy ans security online.

You've hear of a VP, a virtual private network which has 3 major drawbacks (1. cookies, viruses, trackers still are used/exposed to users, 2 a VPN leaves history on your device 3. encryption slows down your surfing.

The solution will be a VPB..a virtual private browser.

EU privacy proposal could dent Facebook, Gmail ad revenue.

 web companies would have to guarantee the confidentiality of their customers' conversations and get their consent before tracking them online to target them with personalized advertisements

email services such as Gmail and Hotmail will not be able to scan customers' emails to serve them with targeted advertisements without getting their explicit agreement

The proposal will also require web browsers to ask users upon installation whether they want to allow websites to place cookies on their browsers to deliver personalized advertisements.


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